Martin7 - A reference database of DNA barcodes for European epiphytic lichens

Martin7 is a reference database of DNA sequences for the reliable identification of epiphytic lichen species based on so-called barcodes. The most common application is in the evaluation of data from environmental samples within European regions. The two most common DNA barcodes are included: the ITS nrDNA (ITS) and the mitochondrial SSU (mtSSU). Currently, the database includes 1140 species (ITS for 1023 species, mtSSU for 922 species). The database is freely downloadable and ready for any reference purpose, for example matching species names to environmental sequences.

The name of the database is derived from the middle name of Karl Martin Redinger, an eminent Austrian lichenologist who died in 1940 at the age of 33 and created an important legacy of lichenology within seven years.

How to cite: Vondrák J., Svoboda S., Košnar J., Malíček J., Šoun J., Frolov I., Svensson M., Novotný P. & Palice Z. (2023) Martin7: a reference database of DNA barcodes for European epiphytic lichens and its taxonomic implications. – Preslia 95: 311–345.


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