Absconditella celata Döbbeler & Poelt

An inconspicuous microlichen, resembling a saprophytic fungus, whose usual substrate is rotting, algae-covered wood (with the occasional presence of leafy liverworts and the absence of mosses) of logs and cut surfaces of tree stumps in moist microhabitats. These are usually valleys of streams and moist primeval forests. Often associated species are members of the genus Thelocarpon. Due to its “mushroom” appearance, it is almost certainly an overlooked species. In the Czech Republic, it is found mainly in mountain forests but it has also been recorded in (semi) anthropogenic habitats in lower elevations, for example, on contaminated sandy soil (including plant residues). These forms have been described as Absconditella fossarum, however, it is very difficult to distinguish them morphologically. The taxonomic status of the latter taxon requires more detailed study. The world and European distribution of A. celata is insufficiently known, but it is probably a widespread taxon in the temperate and arcto-boreal zone of the northern hemisphere.

taxonomic classification:

Ascomycota Lecanoromycetes Ostropales Stictidaceae Absconditella

Red List (Liška & Palice 2010):DD – data deficient
Red List (Malíček 2023):DD – data deficient

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