Absconditella sychnogonoides (Nitschke) Suija & van den Boom

A very inconspicuous, rarely reported pioneer species of sandy bare soils. The thallus is well recognisable from the substrate if wet by its green-grey colour (Vězda 1970, Aptroot et al. 2014). Apothecia are less pigmented, submersed, nearly closed and urceolate when matured. The 3-septate ascospores are surrounded by thin paraphyses. Fruiting bodies stay enclosed during the major part of the life-cycle, getting open only after the maturation of ascospores. Therefore, they were thought to be perithecia in the past (Aptroot et al. 2014).

G. Ernst (1993) well described the species from the biological and sociological point of view. He recorded the lichen in various anthropogenic habitats across northern Germany, most often in sand pits. A. Vězda (1970) as first reported the species for the Czech Republic. The cited specimen was found on a sandy bank of a regulated stream in the Českomoravská vrchovina upland and distributed in an exsicate (1967). This is so far the only published report of the species in the Czech Republic. The prior report from the Hrubý Jeseník Mts (Vězda 1960) probably refers, according to its ecology (found on dying saxicolous bryophytes) and considering its absence from the list of European findings (Vězda 1970) to a different taxon.

Literature: Vězda A. (1960): K lišejníkové flóře Hrubého Jeseníku (Sudeti orient.). − Přírodovědný Časopis Slezský, Opava, 21: 255−270. Vězda A. (1967): Lichenes selecti exsiccati, editi ab Instituto botanico Academiae Scientiarum Čechoslovacae, Průhonice prope Pragam. Fasc. XXIV (no. 576−600). − Brno. Vězda A. (1970): Neue oder wenig bekannte Flechten in der Tschechoslowakei. I. – Folia Geobotanica et Phytotaxonomica 5: 307–337. Ernst G. (1993): Zur Ökologie und Verbreitung von Geisleria sychnogonioides, einer bislang kaum bekannten terricolen Flechte. – Herzogia 9: 321–337. Aptroot A., Parnmen S., Lücking R., Baloch E., Jungbluth P., Cáceres M.E.S. & Lumbsch H.T. (2014): Molecular phylogeny resolves a taxonomic misunderstanding and places Geisleria close to Absconditella s. str. (Ostropales: Stictidaceae). – Lichenologist 46: 115–128.

taxonomic classification:

Ascomycota Lecanoromycetes Ostropales Stictidaceae Absconditella

most frequented synonyms:Geisleria sychnogonoides, Strigula sychnogonoides

Red List (Liška & Palice 2010):DD – data deficient
Red List (Malíček 2023):C1 – critically endangered

Occurrence in the Czech Republic

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