Candelariella xanthostigmoides (Müll. Arg.) R. W. Rogers

A lichen from the C. efflorescens agg., characteristic by its yellow soralia, usually formed on a tiny squamules, and sometimes merging in a continuous crust. The species can be securely identified in the fertile stage by the asci with eight spores. However, fruiting bodies are relatively rare.

The ecology and distribution of the species in Europe is not known in detail yet. The lichen has been reported for the first time from Europe by Westberg & Clerc (2012). However, the correct use of this name for European populations requires further study. The taxon was originally described from Australia and is highly variable within its large range. The name is expected to cover more than one species (Lendemer & Westberg 2010). According to the so far known data, it seems the lichen is common on the horizontal branch surfaces and on (often inclined) trunks of mainly deciduous trees. It may form large thalli and, in many localities, it is one of the dominant lichens of nitrophilous communities in forests, parks, on scrubs and even on solitary trees in an agricultural landscape. Infrequently, it occurs also on wood.

Literature: Lendemer J. C. & Westberg M. (2010): Candelariella xanthostigmoides in North America. – Opuscula Philolichenum 8: 75–81. Westberg M. & Clerc P. (2012): Five species of Candelaria and Candelariella (Ascomycota, Candelariales) new to Switzerland. – MycoKeys 3: 1–12.

taxonomic classification:

Ascomycota Lichinomycetes Candelariales Candelariaceae Candelariella

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