Inoderma sorediatum Ertz, Łubek & Kukwa

A sorediate lichen, its fruiting bodies have not been noticed yet. If fresh, the species is characterised by pinkish thallus, which turns white later and is completely covered by soredia. It is the only genus member that contains confluentic and 2′-O-methylperlatolic acids. Dendrographa decolorans is a similar lichen, but it produces unknown fatty acids.

Inoderma sorediatum usually occurs in natural deciduous forests at lower elevations, where it prefers mainly rough bark of old oaks. The species has been described very recently from the old-growth forest in the Białowieski National Park in Poland (Ertz et al. 2018) and is so far known only from a limited number of localities. In the Czech Republic, it occurs rarely in floodplain and valley forests at lower and middle elevations.

Literature: Ertz D., Sanderson N., Łubek A. & Kukwa M. (2018): Two new species of Arthoniaceae from old-growth European forests, Arthonia thoriana and Inoderma sorediatum, and a new genus for Schismatomma niveum. – Lichenologist 50: 161–172.

taxonomic classification:

Ascomycota Arthoniomycetes Arthoniales Arthoniaceae Inoderma

Red List (Malíček 2023):DD – data deficient

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