Microcalicium disseminatum (Ach.) Vain.

Probably a non-lichenised species, characterized by its dark apothecia attached to the thallus, which produce a relatively large blue-green mazaedium (clustered ascospores, interlaced with sclerotised hyphae). Its typical habitats are rain-protected bases of older trees with acidic bark or snags, where it may appear directly on the bark/wood or associated with (or possibly parasitic on) algae or other lichens (most often from the genus Chaenotheca). Microcalicium disseminatum is relatively abundant in old natural forests. In Europe, it is a widespread and locally common species. In the Czech Republic, it is distributed sparsely, occurring mainly in foothills and mountains. Most of recent localities are concentrated in the Šumava Mts.

taxonomic classification:

Ascomycota incertae sedis Ascomycota Microcaliciaceae Microcalicium

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