Placynthium subradiatum (Nyl.) Arnold

A typical lichen of exposed purely calcareous rocks, forming circular thalli, often with a missing thallus centre and lobulate margin. It is a Mediterranean species, very rare in the Czech Republic. It was historically documented only from limestones in Moravia: the Moravian karst, the Kotouč hill near Štramberk, the Drásovský kopeček hill and the Květnice nature reserve near Tišnov. Recently, it was confirmed in the Moravian karst and newly found in the Týnčany karst in central Bohemia.

taxonomic classification:

Ascomycota Lecanoromycetes Peltigerales Placynthiaceae Placynthium

Red List (Liška & Palice 2010):EN – endangered
Red List (Malíček 2023):C1 – critically endangered

Occurrence in the Czech Republic

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