Vezdaea cobria Giralt, Poelt & Suanjak

A less-known and rare Vezdaea species. It is well-recognizable due to its thallus, which is composed of minute spine granules (goniocysts), 10–15 µm in size, giving an almost leprose appearance. They usually contain a single algal cell, a unique feature in the genus (Giralt et al. 1993). Its spores are similar to V. aestivalis but are asymetrical and constricted (Giralt et al. 1993).

Its ecology is similar to the other Vezdaea species; it is ephemeral on acidic disturbed surfaces of early successional stages dominated by bryophytes, on which it often grows. It also occurs on toxic contaminated anthropogenic substrates, mainly in the British Isles (Chambers & Purvis 2009). There is a single record from the Czech Republic; from a scree at the foot of the Růžovský vrch hill in the Lužické hory Mts (Palice et al. 2007). Certainly, it is an overlooked species.

Literature: Giralt M., Poelt J. & Suanjak M. (1993): Die Flechtengattung Vezdaea mit V. cobria spec. nov. – Herzogia 9: 715–724. Palice Z., Slavíková-Bayerová Š., Peksa O., Svoboda D. & Kučerová L. (2007): The lichen flora of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park (Czech Republic). – In: Härtel H., Cílek V., Herben T., Jackson A. & Williams R. B. [eds], Sandstone Landscapes, p. 200–204, Academia, Praha. Chambers S. P. & Purvis O. W. (2009): Vezdaea Tscherm.-Woess & Poelt (1976). – In: Smith C. W., Aptroot A., Coppins B. J., Fletcher A., Gilbert O. L., James P. W. & Wolseley P. A. [eds], The lichens of Great Britain and Ireland, p. 958–961, British Lichen Society, London.

taxonomic classification:

Ascomycota Lichinomycetes Vezdaeales Vezdaeaceae Vezdaea

Red List (Liška & Palice 2010):DD – data deficient
Red List (Malíček 2023):DD – data deficient

Occurrence in the Czech Republic

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