Agonimia flabelliformis J. Halda, Czarnota & Guzow-Krzemińska

A species similar and closely related to A. allobata, from which it differs mainly by conspicuous thallus composed of finely and regularly divided coral-like formations (goniocysts). The lichen grows on bases and superficial roots of mainly deciduous trees, often also on decaying wood and rarely on soil detritus and stones. It prefers natural deciduous forests. This species has been described relatively recently, directly from the Czech Republic – from the Žofínský prales primeval forest (Guzow-Krzemińska et al. 2012). Its distribution is not yet known in detail. From Central Europe, it has been reported only from a very few of localities. In the Czech Republic, it occurs scattered from lowlands to mountains, mostly in larger and well-preserved forest areas.

Literature: Guzow-Krzemińska B., Halda J. P. & Czarnota P. (2012): A new Agonimia from Europe with a flabelliform thallus. – Lichenologist 44: 55–66.

taxonomic classification:

Ascomycota Eurotiomycetes Verrucariales Verrucariaceae Agonimia

Occurrence in the Czech Republic

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