Biatora mendax Anzi

A forest species that requires a stable, humid climate. Its European distribution overlaps with the distribution of Abies alba (Printzen 1995), which is in some areas its common phorophyte. Therefore, it does not occur in Scandinavia. In the Czech Republic, this species has so far been recorded only twice, on Acer pseudoplatanus and Fagus sylvatica near Železná Ruda in the Šumava Mountains and on Fagus sylvatica in the Žofín primeval forest in the Novohradské hory Mountains (Printzen & Palice 1999, Malíček & Palice 2013).

Literature: Printzen C. (1995): Die Flechtegattung Biatora in Europa. – Bibliotheca Lichenologica 60: 1–275. Printzen C. & Palice Z. (1999): The distribution, ecology and conservational status of the lichen genus Biatora in central Europe. – Lichenologist 31: 319–335. Malíček J. & Palice Z. (2013): Lichens of the virgin forest reserve Žofínský prales (Czech Republic) and surrounding woodlands. – Herzogia 26: 253–292.

taxonomic classification:

Ascomycota Lecanoromycetes Lecanorales Ramalinaceae Biatora

Red List (Liška & Palice 2010):CR – critically endangered
Red List (Malíček 2023):C1 – critically endangered

Occurrence in the Czech Republic

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