Hypotrachyna lividescens (Kurok.) Hale

Hypotrachyna lividescens differs from other species of the genus growing in the Czech Republic by the content of olivetoric acid in medulla (C+ red). The thallus is appressed with rounded soralia distributed on its surface from the centre to lobe margins with floury whitish soredia and dichotomically branched rhizines.

It is a less known, primarily Neotropical species, but described from South Africa and found also in Australia, North America and Europe. In Europe, the species was until recently known only from France and Portugal. The lichen is predominantly epiphytic, growing on deciduous and coniferous trees, mainly on thinner branches in the canopy, but occasionally occurs also on acidic rocks. It seeks places with high humidity and frequent rainfall. It is an acidophilous, relatively light-loving, thermophilic species. In the Czech Republic, it was surprisingly found twice near Rokycany in western Bohemia in 2016, on larch and on hawthorn (Šoun et al. 2017). It has not yet been recorded elsewhere in central Europe.

Literature: Šoun J., Bouda F., Kocourková J., Malíček J., Palice Z., Peksa O., Svoboda D. & Vondrák J. (2017): Zajímavé nálezy lišejníků z čeledi Parmeliaceae v České republice. – Bryonora 60: 46–64. Hodkinson B. P. (2010): A First Assessment of Lichen Diversity for One of North America’s ‘Biodiversity Hotspots’ in the Southern Appalachians of Virginia. – Castanea 75: 126–133. Masson D. (2005): Taxinomie, écologie et chorologie des espèces françaises des genera Hypotrachyna et Parmelinopsis (Ascomycota lichénisés, Parmeliaceae). – Cryptogamie, Mycologie 26: 205–263.

taxonomic classification:

Ascomycota Lecanoromycetes Lecanorales Parmeliaceae Hypotrachyna

Red List (Malíček 2023):C1 – critically endangered

Occurrence in the Czech Republic

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