Ochrolechia androgyna agg.

Complex of three species: O. androgyna s. str., O. bahusiensis and O. mahluensis that are characterised by the content of gyrophoric acid (C+ red) and often yellowish soralia. These species differ in subtle morphological and ecological characters and primarily in their secondary metabolites (Tønsberg 1992, Kukwa 2011) detectable by TLC. In the past, most authors did not distinguish the individual taxa and published the data under the collective name O. androgyna.

Literature: Tønsberg T. (1992): The sorediate and isidiate, corticolous, crustose lichens in Norway. – Sommerfeltia 14: 1–331. Kukwa M. (2011): The lichen genus Ochrolechia in Europe. – Fundacja Rozwoju Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, Gdańsk.

taxonomic classification:

Ascomycota Lecanoromycetes Pertusariales Ochrolechiaceae Ochrolechia

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