Anisomeridium macrocarpum (Körb.) V. Wirth

An inconspicuous species forming perithecia up to 0.5 mm in width on an indistinct thallus. Its spores are 1-septate and relatively large (30–47 × 7–10 μm). Opinions on its life strategy differ – some authors consider it as a saprophytic non-lichenized fungus, others as a (semi)lichen. Anisomeridium macrocarpum grows mainly at bases of deciduous trees with a minerally-rich bark, such as maples, ashes and limes, from lowlands to mountains. Its known range is restricted mostly to central Europe. In the Czech Republic, it has been collected by lichenologists only in the last few decades, mainly in well-preserved forests.

taxonomic classification:

Ascomycota Dothideomycetes Monoblastiales Monoblastiaceae Anisomeridium

Occurrence in the Czech Republic

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